A Brief History of Aviation Supply Company, Inc.

Aviation Supply Company, Inc. has been in business since 1948. Joseph L. Bubna, the original owner and founder of the company the hired a a young high school man to assist him in 1962 by the name of Raymond W. Greshammer. Raymond loved the business and learned all he could about the maganicent metal birds in the sky. He has devoted his life to the company and became the new owner in 1990.

Joseph grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and spent all of his extra time at the Cleveland airport at his brother Jim's FBO. He was a small child when he met Charles Lindberg, Amelia Earhart, and most of the famous pilots who raced in the"Cleveland Air Races". These contacts enhanced his love of aircraft. Setting out on his own he settled in Chicago and became the operations mamager for the now defunct Pennsylvania Central Airlines (PCA). In 1948 he opened Avaition Supply Company, Inc. at 6119 Cicero Ave in Chicago.

The company remained at the same location across from Midway Airport until 1995 when the city of Chicago's airport expansion plans overtook the properties on the east side of Cicero. Raymond then moved the long established firm to Crest Hill, Illinois in 1997 where it still resides today.